Monday, December 8, 2008

Excellent blogposts on DDD and NHibernate

I'm in the process of setting up NHibernate on a new project and we've decided to try to let the domain model drive our development. Meaning; we're trying to follow the Domain Driven Design mindset. And as I'm quite new to both NHibernate and DDD, reading the 9-parts series called "A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate)" by Ben Scheirman really gave me a good start. But unfortunately there's no summary post for his article series, so for my own reference I'll add it here;

Part 1: Intro and project structure: "In the first few articles, we will see how to start projects using NHibernate, go over some basic topics, and then get progressively more complex as we explore the many features of the ORM tool."

Part 2: Domain model: "This time I am going to start off creating a pet project to demonstrate how to implement these ideas. First we’ll implement a simple domain model to support our features. We will combine these with unit tests to verify behavior."

Part 3: Unit testing: "When testing, whether you practice test-driven development (TDD) or not, it is important that your tests and your code follow each other closely. (...) I’m not a TDD purist, but I try to write the tests first to let the consumer (the calling code) drive the design."

Part 4: Unit testing with transactions: "Let’s get on with the more interesting tests. Another thing I’d like to note is that, the tests here pass, but only after I write the appropriate code in the model to satisfy the test. I am purposefully omitting the domain model code at this time because it is unimportant. You should be able to understand what the code does without looking inside the class. "

Part 5: Database schema and NHibernate config/initialization (ISessionFactory, ISession): "Let’s create a database structure to support persistence of our domain model."

Part 6: NHibernate mapping: "We’ll dive in deeper with NHibernate and mapping in this article."

Part 7: NHibernate mapping with associations/relations: "We introduced some simple mapping concepts, and this time we’ll dig in a bit deeper."

Part 8: NHibernate split mapping files, building a Repository and saving to the database: "We left off last time with our first association mapped and tested. Let’s dig in a bit deeper with NHibernate mapping.(...) Repository takes advantage of generics to avoid a lot of duplicate code. This is a quick implementation of the Repository pattern (...)"

Part 9: Higher level tests: "In this article, part 9 of the series, we’re going to wrap up our initial feature list and focus on building a user-interface for our video store, named Videocracy."

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